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The Brookwood Necropolis Railway An Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery The Columbarium, Brookwood Cemetery The Glades of Remebrance, Brookwood Cemetery The Bisley Camp Branch Line

John Clarke

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My Articles

Book Reviews

British and Commonwealth War Cemeteries by Julie Summers, in Funeral Service Journal (March 2011)

Encyclopedia of Cremation edited by Douglas Davies with Lewis Mates, in Funeral Service Journal (March 2006); also reprinted in Necropolis News (Spring 2007)

From Dust to Ashes: Cremation and the British Way of Death by Peter Jupp, in Funeral Service Journal (May 2006)


London Cemeteries: An Illustrated Guide & Gazetteer by Hugh Meller & Brian Parsons, in The Brookwood Express (No 75, 2009)

London’s Dead: A Guided Tour of the Capital’s Dead by Ed Glinert, in Funeral Service Journal (July 2008)

Necropolis: London and Its Dead by Catherine Arnold, in Funeral Service Journal (June 2006)

The Victorian Cemetery by Sarah Rutherford, in Funeral Service Journal (March 2009)

This page provides details of some of my published articles and book reviews.

Use the drop down menu in the “Articles” tab (above) to link to my full-text articles on this website. Further links are listed below.

I have also posted a page commenting on Wikipedia’s editorial policies.


“Index to the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery Newletters 1990-2018”, Friends of West Norwood Cemetery, 2018.

“The Muhammadan Cemetery: Britain's First Muslim Cemetery” in The Islamic Review (Special Edition), October 2018 / Safar 1440, pp 24-25

West Norwood Conservation Area: Character Appraisal (Report commissioned by Lambeth Borough Council, March 2017)

“Rhododendron clearance at Brookwood Cemetery” (April - May 2016)

“Death Express” in The Guildford Magazine, November 2012, pp 8-9

“From Here to Eternity: Victorian Developments in the Disposal of the Dead” at the London & Middlesex Archeological Society’s Local History Conference (November 2012). An abstract of my paper is published in the LAMAS Transactions 2012, pp 269-271

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“Churches using Brookwood Cemetery” (2008). A list compiled whilst working as Historical Consultant to Brookwood Park Ltd, and since updated.

“Institutions using Brookwood Cemetery” (2008). A list compiled whilst working as Historical Consultant to Brookwood Park Ltd, and since updated.

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