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John Clarke

Historian of Brookwood Cemetery

Brookwood’s Mausolea

The Glades of Remembrance by Brian Parsons, Erkin Guney and John Clarke

Brookwood’s Mausolea

by John Clarke

Published by the author, 2021

Paperback, with 36 pages, and 36 illustrations (mostly in colour)

Price: £5.00 (UK address only)

ISBN: 9781838130817

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Brookwood’s Mausolea is a pictorial survey of all the surviving mausolea at Brookwood Cemetery. It also includes brief notes on three further structures which no longer survive. Every mausoleum is illustrated, usually in full colour, and there is a full list of all thirty-six mausolea. Introductory notes cover the definition of a mausoleum and a brief history of the cemetery. The guide is arranged in a purely alphabetical format, within two main sections covering the North and South cemeteries. Two maps are provided, one for each part of the cemetery, showing the location of each mausoleum.