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St Cuthbert’s Church Guide

St Cuthberts Church Philbeach Gardens church guide

St Cuthbert’s Church Guide

Published by St Cuthbert’s Church, 2019

Paperback, with 32 pages, and 15 illustrations (mostly in colour and full page)

Price: £5.00


To Order: please contact the Parish Administrator, St Cuthbert’s Church, 50 Philbeach Gardens, Earl’s Court, London SW5 9EB, 0207 370 3263 or email

admin at saintcuthbert.org

All sales proceeds are paid into the Church

Restoration Fund.

The guide to St Cuthbert’s Church has been unavailable for some time. This revised and updated edition fully illustrates and describes the treasures of this Grade I listed Victorian church. St Cuthbert's is one of the most remarkable Victorian churches in Britain, rich in art and craftsmanship. One of its remarkable features is its scale, a great container designed to host elaborate ceremonial and house appropriately rich fittings. All proceeds will be paid into the Church Restoration Fund.