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News 2020

This page posts news and comments about my continuing research into Brookwood Cemetery and related topics.

For earlier news items, see my News pages for 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015

How the Victorians Built Britain (4 January)

Further Publicity for the Woking Muslim Heritage Trails (21 January)

How the Victorians Built Britain

Michael Buerk How the Victorians Built Britian Channel 5

Channel 5 launched its new “Docu-series” on 4 January. Hosted by the well-known presenter Michael Buerk, the series explores “how the Victorian age invented our modern world”.

Unfortunately its coverage of the story of the Necropolis Railway in the first episode was disappointingly inaccurate. I contacted the series producers (October Films) to point out six areas of concern in their script. The major error was filming Michael Buerk outside 121 Westminster Bridge Road where he states, “this is the entrance to the original London Necropolis station”, which it patently is not since the building was not completed until 1902. I was also intrigued as to why October Films chose to ferry an academic all the way from York to Brookwood Cemetery, when I live less than twenty miles away.

It seems October Films feels my concerns over the accuracy of this part of its documentary are unimportant and therefore can be ignored: implying that historical inaccuracy is perfectly acceptable in this series. I’m not sure Michael Buerk would agree had he realised he was talking pure tosh when filmed outside 121 Westminster Bridge Road.

Therefore if you are watching the rest of the series, beware of further errors and omissions.

Further Publicity for the Woking Muslim Heritage Trails

 Good to see Tharik Hussain’s article in the latest issue of Who Do You Think You Are? magazine, further promoting this important initiative.

You can read more on the launch of these trails by following this link.