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John Clarke

Historian of Brookwood Cemetery

About Me

I first became interested in Brookwood Cemetery in the 1970s. At that time there was very little published information available.

When I was studying for my degree, I was able to research for a dissertation investigating the reasons why Brookwood Cemetery was established. Some of this material was used in the first edition of my standard history of the cemetery railway, The Brookwood Necropolis Railway. This appeared in 1983.

Since then, I have continued my research. From 2007-12 I was employed as the Historical Consultant to Brookwood Cemetery.

I have published a number of articles in various magazines on Brookwood and cemetery-related subjects. I have also submitted a number of book reviews to the Funeral Service Journal and other magazines. For more information on these, follow the links above.

Over the years I have accepted a large number of invitations to lecture on various aspects of Brookwood, on the cemetery railway, and related themes. Recent lectures include:

I also design and host a number of websites.