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John Clarke

Historian of Brookwood Cemetery

Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery 1

Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery by John Clarke, Mary Lucas and Arthur StorieAn Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery

by John M Clarke, Mary Lucas & Arthur Storie

Published by the Brookwood Cemetery Society, April 1992

Paperback, with 40 pages, and 34 illustrations in colour

Price: £5.00 (UK address only)


Although out of print for many years. I have arranged a reprint of this edition.

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Alternatively, if you are interested in ordering a copy, please contact me direct.

Note: a new second edition was published in 1992, and a third edition appeared in 2019.

This was the original version of An Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery. It was published for Easter 1992, when the Brookwood Cemetery Society was launched during Iain Wakeford’s “Woking History Festival” for that year.

This first edition covered 62 graves or sections of interest within the cemetery. The centre pages included a map of the cemetery which allows you to identify the numbered items within the text.

Ramadan GuneyLike the other booklets on Brookwood, the Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery was printed on high quality art paper throughout.

The costs of printing were largely sponsored by the late Ramadan Guney, owner of Brookwood Cemetery between 1985-2006. Mr Guney contributed a foreword to this edition of the guide.

This photograph of Ramadan Guney was taken by Mary Lucas, to accompany Mr Guney’s foreword to this edition of the introductory guide to the cemetery.